How CCEA is dealing with COVID-19.

The Counselling Centre of East Algoma has continued to serve our clients throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. While we were unable to meet with our client face to face for a time, we continued to reach our by phone and video when appropriate. As our community moves into phase 3 and more folks are out and about, we want to remind community members about the need to be socially responsible, wear a mask and limit your exposure to large groups of people whether inside or outside.

In an effort to better engage with clients for whom phone and video did not work well, we have begun offering in person counselling and treatment to those clients who we have assessed will be best served in a face to face session. We must however keep the safety of all staff and clients as a top priority, and as such we are diligently working to ensure that social distancing protocols are being followed, and we require that all clients be screened (including non touch temperature checks) prior to entering our offices and wear a mask or face covering while in common areas. We have increased the frequency of cleaning of high touch surfaces and clinical offices are cleaned after every in person appointment. If you are looking to start services or re-engage, please give us a call to see how we can best meet your needs during these unprecedented times.

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(EAST ALGOMA, ON) - On August 24, 2020, the East Algoma (Elliot Lake) Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) launched a Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) in the City of Elliot Lake.

“MCRT” refers to a team consisting of police and a health partner who respond collaboratively to support individuals experiencing crisis as a result of mental health or addictions issues. In the East Algoma MCRT model, a registered social worker will be embedded with the police to respond to crisis calls as a team. This team-oriented approach will provide persons in crisis, their families and caregivers with timely and appropriate crisis intervention in cases that require a police response, by proactively involving a mental health professional to attend and provide support on scene.

The development of MCRT in Elliot Lake has been made possible through a collaboration between the OPP, the Counselling Centre of East Algoma (CCEA), the City of Elliot Lake.

“We are elated to be entering into this partnership with the Counselling Centre of East Algoma and the City of Elliot Lake to deliver Mobile Crisis Response Team services that better meets the needs of our residents. Community well-being is everyone’s responsibility and the police rely on community partnerships such as this to collaborate and achieve our joint community safety and well-being goals. Through this partnership we will be better equipped to provide meaningful services to those experiencing mental health crises in the City of Elliot Lake.” - Inspector Tyler Sturgeon, Commander, East Algoma Detachment. “The Counselling Centre of East Algoma is thrilled to partner with the OPP to offer mobile crisis services within Elliot Lake. We are hopeful that the presence of our staff will augment the OPP’s response to those in crisis by providing residents with resources and links to services that will better meet their needs in the community. We are humbled to have been asked to work with the OPP for this very important and timely initiative”. - Shelley Watt-Proulx, Director, Counselling Centre of East Algoma. “I am thoroughly impressed at the steps that have been taken in the creation of this partnership both as the Mayor and a resident of the community. This will be an added service for Elliot Lake that ensures people are getting the help they need by community partners when the OPP arrive easing stress, for both our officers and those that they serve. Another initiative that is a perfect fit for our community. Thank you to all involved.” - Mayor Dan Marchisella, the City of Elliot Lake.
If you or someone you know are suffering from mental health or addictions issues and need support that is non-urgent and does not require police intervention, the OPP would like to remind you that there are many service providers in the City of Elliot Lake that are ready and able to assist you. To learn more about a wide range of service providers in the community, visit or call 2-1-1.

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The Centre gratefully acknowledges funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of the Attorney General and the North East Local Health Integration Network.

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