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CCEA offers a safe, encouraging and friendly environment. Our professionally trained counsellors are available to emphasize your personal growth and self determined change. We are committed to providing services to individuals, couples, families and groups who are experiencing difficulties with personal issues and/or their intimate or essential relationships. Our services are independent, confidential, and voluntary - meaning you choose your path to wellness in consultation with your counsellor. In addition, our staff are available to offer employee or community presentations in a variety of subject areas. We strive to be responsive to community need and will tailor educational presentations on an as needed basis.

At the Counselling Centre of East Algoma we can…

  • Help you resolve personal problems.
  • Advocate with other services on your behalf including Probation Services and Children’s Aid Society.
  • Help you improve your quality of life by identifying clear goals and helping you reach them.

Our services are independent and confidential.
*Confidentiality is limited in some cases by law and ethical requirements. Some programs require some limited information sharing as a prerequisite to services.

Our Services

Our services are based on a set of service principles that encourage coordinated and minimally intrusive interventions. Services are based on compassion and the conviction that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Services will recognize the uniqueness and also the fundamental equality of each person.


The Addictions program at CCEA provides treatment to individuals 12 years of age and over who are struggling with their own or someone else’s misuse of alcohol, drugs, and/or other substances. This may also include problematic addictive behaviours such as the use of technology. The objectives of this program are to:

  • Provide prevention programming in an effort to reduce and prevent harmful involvement with substances.
  • Provide education and resources that will improve the client’s quality of life and move toward self-efficacy.
  • Provide client-centered treatment based on client goals such as harm reduction, controlled use, or complete abstinence.
  • Support those who are affected by the addictive behaviours of their loved ones.

Helpful Resources

Sexual Assault

The Sexual Assault program at CCEA provides advocacy and support to women age 16 and older who have experienced sexual abuse and/or assault. Services are offered in either individual or group format with the underlying program goal of promoting healing and wellness among survivors.


Jointly funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, the Local Health Integration Network, and the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Reporting Sexual Assault isn't easy.

Support Services for Male Survivors

Approximately 1 in 6 men will experience sexual abuse in their lifetime, which means that there are thousands of male survivors living in communities across Northern Ontario. This program provides advocacy and support to men aged 16 and over who have experienced sexual abuse/assault.

  • Male survivors come from all walks of life
  • They are all ages, cultures and religions
  • Male survivors are straight, gay and bisexual
  • They are community leaders, fishermen, labourers and professionals
  • Male survivors are neighbours, friends, fathers and sons
  • They are strong and courageous men
  • Male survivors of abuse or assault often live in silence

Sexual abuse and assault can happen anywhere and to anyone. For men, telling someone that they have been abused or assaulted is often more difficult than it is for women. Living in silence or ignoring the trauma you feel can lead to problems at the time of abuse and later on in life.

Problems can be physical but also emotional, mental and spiritual. The Male Survivor program provides free and confidential counselling support to men who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. The program supports men 16 and over to regain a sense of control over their lives by developing positive coping skills. It is designed specifically to meet men’s needs in a way that speaks to men. Please do not live in silence. Share how you are feeling with someone you can trust.

The Counselling Centre of East Algoma works in a partnership with Thunder Bay Counselling Centre to offer support services to Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse/Assault. This partnership is funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General and works to deliver professional counselling across the North Region of Ontario.


Violence Against Women

The Violence Against Women program at CCEA provides advocacy and support to women who have been victims of abuse within their partner relationships.

Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, psychological, and/or financial. The goal of this program is to make our community safer for women and children, while fostering change initiated at the client's pace.

Individual Counselling

Available to women aged 16+ who are living in, or have lived with abuse within an intimate relationship.

Group Counselling

Women For Change - a 10-week group for women who have experienced abuse within an intimate relationship. Group focuses on education regarding abuse and hopes to increase the natural supports for participants (co-facilitated with staff from Maplegate shelter for women).

Creating Connections - aka the child witness to domestic violence group; a partnership between FLC, AFS, Maplegate shelter for women, CAS & Mississauga Women’s Shelter. Our portion of this program is focused on the delivery of the women’s group.

PAR - a 16-week group program for men who have been convicted of assault within a partner relationship. Some men are referred as an “Early Intervention” strategy, but must first have pleaded guilty to the offense in question. The goal of PAR is to ensure the safety of women and children.

Partner Contact - One of our workers provides the partner contact component of the PAR program, which is intended to reach out to women who have experienced abuse and provide information, referral, safety planning, and counselling as accepted by the woman.

Community Lectures - We are building our capacity to deliver the Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign throughout East Algoma and will begin actively marketing this throughout our area in hopes of delivering as many presentations as possible. This effort is in partnership with Maplegate shelter for women.

Our Violence Against Women (VAW) counsellor will be offering educational presentations on a regular basis to residents of Maplegate shelter for women (details yet to be finalized).

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Law Resource

Partner Assault Response Program

The Partner Assault Response Program (PAR) aims to eliminate violence against women and children by holding perpetrators of family violence accountable for their actions.

This program consists of a 12-week group for male perpetrators of abuse within their partner relationships. Female perpetrators of family violence are offered service on a case by case basis.


General Counselling

This program is for individuals age 12 and over who require professional counselling to help them deal with life’s stressors. Examples of issues addressed in this program are, but not limited to: anxiety/stress, couple conflict, grief, self-esteem, workplace stress, parent/child relationship.

For more information call us at (705) 848-2585.

Crisis Response Service

A CRISIS is a personal experience that can happen at any time.
You don’t have to deal with it alone.

By phone and in person. Your place or ours.

Confidential support and counselling to people living or visiting in the District of East Algoma (from Spanish to Iron Bridge, including Elliot Lake). Through our partnership with Sault Area Hospital, services are available 365 days a year.

A crisis can be triggered by an unexpected event or loss (i.e. job/relationship). It might be something that you have been coping with for a while that you feel you can no longer manage, like stress at work or school, feeling alone, or thoughts of suicide.

Call us for help:

Weekdays (Mon. to Fri.)
8:30am to 4:30pm

Drop in for help:

Elliot Lake: 9 Oakland Blvd, Suite 2
Blind River: 1 Industrial Park Rd, Suite 210

Drop-in, open weekdays (Mon. to Fri.)
8:30am to 4:30pm
(Blind River closed 12pm to 1pm).
No appointment necessary.

Safe and private.

We will come see you at a safe location - home, school, shelter, treatment facility, or a familiar agency where you feel safe.

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The Centre gratefully acknowledges funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of the Attorney General, North East Local Health Integration Network, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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